Pattie Boyd’s “Layla” Album Cover Painting Sold For $2.5M

Pattie Boyd’s “Layla” Album Cover Painting Sold For $2.5M | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Pattie Boyd, the former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, has made headlines with the recent sale of her private collection of artifacts. Among the items sold was the original painting used for the cover of the 1970 album ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’. This iconic painting, titled ‘La Jeune Fille au Bouquet’, was created by Emile Theeodore Frandsen in the mid-’50s.

The Sentimental Value and Legacy of the ‘Layla’ Album Cover Painting

The painting holds significant sentimental value as it was acquired by Clapton directly from the artist’s son in 1970. Clapton later gifted it to Harrison in the late ’70s, who then passed it on to Boyd in the late ’80s. The painting has now fetched an impressive $2.5 million at auction.

This sale is not only significant for the monetary value it achieved but also because it included various other items associated with Boyd’s marriages to both Harrison and Clapton. The total proceeds from the sale of Boyd’s collection reached an astounding $3.6 million. The collection featured letters, photos, and other memorabilia that shed light on Boyd’s relationships with the two legendary musicians.

The story of Boyd’s association with these rock icons began when she first met Harrison on the set of the 1964 Beatles film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. Their romance blossomed, leading to their marriage two years later. However, the couple’s relationship ultimately ended in divorce in 1977.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Boyd’s story is her connection to both Harrison and Clapton. Clapton, despite being friends with Harrison, fell in love with Boyd and made attempts to win her over. Among the items sold at the auction was a heartfelt letter Clapton penned to Boyd in 1970. The letter reads, “Dearest L, it seems like an eternity since I last saw or spoke to you…If there is still a feeling in your heart for me… you must let me know! Don’t telephone. Send a letter… that is much safer.”


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Into the Interconnected World of Boyd, Harrison, and Clapton

Boyd and Clapton eventually married in 1977, but sadly, their relationship also came to an end, resulting in a divorce in 1989. The sale of these intimate items provides a glimpse into the complex and interconnected world of these iconic figures in rock history.

In addition to the iconic painting and heartfelt letters, the auction featured other noteworthy items. These included a handwritten setlist from one of Clapton’s performances, photos from a Cream reunion in 1976, and the lyrics to an incomplete Clapton song titled “Sweet Loraine.”

The sale of these artifacts serves as a testament to the enduring fascination with rock history and the deep emotional connections fans have with the music and those involved in its creation. The record-breaking price paid for the ‘Layla’ painting highlights its status as a significant piece of rock memorabilia.

Boyd’s decision to part with her collection allows these cherished items to find new homes and continue to resonate with music enthusiasts around the world. While the items themselves may now belong to others, their history and the stories they tell will forever be intertwined with the legacies of George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and the music that captured the hearts of millions.

Pattie Boyd’s auction of the classic ‘Layla’ album cover artwork, among other items, has enthralled fans. The sentimental importance of these things, together with the intriguing links between Boyd, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton, creates a compelling picture of love, passion, and the eternal power of music. The sale of these artworks honors their history while allowing fans to continue to appreciate and enjoy their impact on rock and roll culture.