Ozzy Osbourne Shares His Supergroup Lineup

Ozzy Osbourne Shares His Supergroup Lineup | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Music often transcends mere performance, morphing into an experience that defines generations. This couldn’t be truer when legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne discussed his vision for the ultimate supergroup. During a candid conversation with Loudwire, Osbourne, alongside guitarist Billy Morrison, delved deep into their new podcast journey, ‘The Madhouse Chronicles.’ Amidst the discourse on all things rock, both musicians entertained the notion of an unparalleled supergroup.

Dreaming Up a Supergroup

With a career spanning five decades, Osbourne’s influence on rock is indisputable. From his time with Black Sabbath to his extensive solo career, his work has interfaced with the sounds and talents of numerous icons. His musings on a dream band brought forth a roster comprising trailblazers who left indelible marks on the industry. Despite his prolific career, Ozzy’s humility shone through, as his selections for the group notably did not include himself.

He imagined a quartet of legendary stature, stating,

“John Lennon, singing. Jimi Hendrix playing guitar. Tommy Clufetos playing drums. Who can I have on bass? Paul McCartney on bass.”

This lineup, blending sheer songwriting genius with artistic virtuosity, paints an audacious picture, melding the raw emotional power of Lennon with Hendrix’s innovative fretwork, underpinned by the rhythmic backbone provided by Clufetos and McCartney.


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The McCartney Collaboration That Almost Was

Yet the prospect of McCartney in this supergroup was not merely a fan’s fantasy for Osbourne. In various stages of his career, the ‘Prince of Darkness’ has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Lita Ford, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Elton John. Despite these collaborations, a joint venture with a Beatles member remained an elusive aspiration. Osbourne’s esteem for McCartney was no secret, as he expressed a fervent desire to partner with the esteemed bassist:

“I’d love to do something with John Lennon or [Jimi] Hendrix. I’d love to do something with Randy Rhoads again. I’d love Paul McCartney to play on one of my albums. He’s a great bass player.”

The intersection of Osbourne’s career with McCartney’s occurred within a studio setting, presenting an opportunity that could have cemented a new chapter in music history. Recalling the occasion, Ozzy’s reverence was palpable, akin to having an audience with a divine figure, as he admitted,

“Meeting Paul McCartney was f*cking phenomenal. I was in the studio at the same time as him and tried to get him to play bass on one of my songs. But he said he couldn’t improve on the bassline that was there.”

McCartney’s Decline and Osbourne’s Respect

But in a show of professionalism and humility, McCartney turned down the opportunity to collaborate with Osbourne, acknowledging the value of the already-completed work and voicing his opinion honestly. Osbourne, ever the fan, answered with sincere excitement, albeit a little bluntly:

“I said, ‘Are you kidding? You could piss on the record and I’d make it my life.’”

It should be mentioned that although if Osbourne’s dream supergroup, which combined the essence of rock’s historical greatness, is still only a fantasy, these musicians’ legacy lives on in the music business. The fictitious partnership says a lot about Osbourne’s view of musical greatness in the past. It is a daring effort in and of itself to summon a group that includes names of such stature, revealing the deep respect Osbourne has for these giants.