Nothing Brings Back Those Memories Like Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Playing “Down By The River”!

Nothing Brings Back Those Memories Like Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Playing “Down By The River”! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

YouTube / Daniele Francani

A Journey Back To The Gold Old Days!

Nostalgia is a really powerful thing. They say that smell is the human sense that is the most closely related to the brain and/or memory, but I believe it’s music (Though, it’s debatable). One thing we really enjoy doing here is presenting a song that’ll most likely trigger some form of nostalgia with the audience. The song/video we have for you here will do just that!

What you’re about to watch is a performance from 1970 from a band called Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The band takes to the stage and performs a classic song called Down By The River. You’ll hear that the fine gentlemen playing this music are able to layer this song with crisp guitar sound, exceptional rhythm, and soulful singing, but what’ll make this viewing experience truly special are the memories that you’ll be flooded with as soon as you hear the song start playing.

via Daniele Francani/YouTube

It’s an absolute masterpiece that you cannot shake off your head once you listen to it. Someone once referred to this track as a murder ballad but Neil Young clarified that there’s “no real murder in it.” On the contrary, he claimed that it’s a “desperation cry.”

“If I was ever going to teach a master class to young guitarists, the first thing I would play them is the first minute of Neil Young’s original “Down by the River” solo. It’s one note, but it’s so melodic, and it just snarls with attitude and anger. It’s like he desperately wants to connect.” – Trey Anastasio

So strap yourselves in because it’s going to be a fast drive down memory lane! There’s nothing quite like listening to classic tunes you used to hear on the radio back in the day. Too many moments and memories to remember.