No More Makeup For Gene Simmons

No More Makeup For Gene Simmons | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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KISS, the fire-breathing, blood-spitting rock and roll juggernaut, finally closed the curtain on their illustrious career in December 2023. Their aptly named End of the Road tour, a four-year spectacle of pyro and power ballads, culminated in one last electrifying performance.

Fans who witnessed the legendary Gene Simmons, the Demon himself, in his full face paint and menacing persona, might be in for a shock. Shedding his signature black and white makeup for the first time in decades, Simmons recently announced a surprising shift in a post-KISS interview with Entertainment Tonight.ย 

“No more make-up for me,” he declared, hinting at a new chapter that promises to be a fascinating departure from his theatrically charged past.

But, KISS might not be done after all

While KISSโ€™ final show in December seemed like a definitive farewell, there were hints that the band might not be entirely finished. During their last performance, Paul Stanley offered a cryptic message: “The end of the road is the beginning of another road,” he declared.

The Starchild went on, “We’re not going anywhere. You’ll see us in all different things all the time. We’ll see you in your dreams.” Similarly, Simmons echoed this sentiment in a band video, stating, “If you think you are going to get rid of us then that’s not going to happen.”

These hints seem to be coming true, as Simmons has announced a new project โ€“ The Gene Simmons Band. The band is already booked for a headlining set at the Summer Breeze festival in Brazil later this month, alongside Sebastian Bach and Mr. Big.

This is just the beginning, though, as Simmons revealed plans for “headlining festivals across Europe, South America” with his new band.ย  Despite this new venture, Simmons acknowledges their incredible journey with KISS, stating, “No more make-up for me. But we’re the luckiest people in the world.”

Embracing the future with avatars and a new band

While Simmons embarks on a new musical journey with his solo band, featuring seasoned musicians like Brent Woods and Zach Throne, KISS itself isn’t fading away entirely.

The band has announced a groundbreaking project: a holographic version of the band, created by the same team behind the highly-successful ABBA Voyage digital concert. Describing the experience, Simmons expressed his amazement: “You can’t tell if they’re there โ€“ right there, like that.”

The details surrounding these avatars remain shrouded in mystery, but one thing is clear – KISSย  is pouring significant resources into this “new era.” Millions of dollars are reportedly being invested in bringing this technological marvel to life.

Simmons himself hinted at the vast scope of the project, stating, “There’s so much being planned, even beyond my comprehension.” It seems the future of KISS may be a blend of the old and the new, with both a traditional touring band and a cutting-edge digital experience on the horizon.