Neil Young Plays Songs Only True Fans Know In West Coast Rarities Tour

Neil Young Plays Songs Only True Fans Know In West Coast Rarities Tour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Todd Norris / Youtube

Neil Young, the legendary singer-songwriter, kicked off his first tour since 2019 with an extraordinary solo performance at the open-air Ford Theater in Los Angeles on June 30. The highly anticipated tour promised to be an intimate, solo-acoustic experience, and Young delighted his devoted fans by delivering on his pledge to showcase songs that have rarely, if ever, been performed live. With a setlist comprised of deep cuts and hidden gems, Young’s West Coast Rarities Tour captivated audiences and celebrated his vast musical catalog.

A Journey Through Rarities

Neil Young’s performance at the Ford Theater was a treasure trove of rare and seldom-heard songs, thrilling true fans who have followed his illustrious career. Young had previously revealed that approximately 80% of his setlist would consist of songs that had rarely been played live. The audience was treated to the magic of songs rarely heard in recent years, including:

  1. “I’m The Ocean” – Last performed in 1997 with Crazy Horse.
  2. “If You Got Love” – Not performed since 1986.
  3. “Song X” – Previously played in 1995 with Pearl Jam.
  4. “Prime Of Life” – Last showcased in 1994 with Crazy Horse.
  5. “When I Hold You In My Arms” – Not performed since 2001 with Crazy Horse.

Furthermore, Young dug deep into his rich musical history, revisiting Buffalo Springfield material such as “Burned” from 1966 (last performed in 2009) and “On The Way Home” from 1968. These rare selections allowed fans to relish the magic of Young’s earlier works and experience the evolution of his artistry.

Hits and Debut Performances

While the West Coast Rarities Tour focused primarily on obscure tracks, Neil Young also made sure to include some beloved classics in his setlist. Fan favorites like “Heart Of Gold” and “Ohio,” originally performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, resonated with the audience and evoked a sense of nostalgia.

In a surprising turn, Young treated his loyal fans to the live debut of “A Dream That Can Last,” a song from his collaboration with Crazy Horse on the 1994 album “Sleeps With Angels.” This unexpected inclusion thrilled attendees and further exemplified Young’s commitment to providing a unique and memorable experience.

Fan Appreciation and Captivating Performances

Neil Young’s West Coast Rarities Tour was not only a celebration of his extensive discography but also a testament to his enduring connection with his dedicated fan base. By delving into his repertoire of rarities, Young demonstrated his appreciation for the true fans who have passionately supported him throughout his career.

The intimate setting of the Ford Theater allowed Young’s performances to resonate deeply with the audience, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and appreciation for the music. Fan-shot footage captured the essence of the concert, showcasing Young’s captivating stage presence and the profound impact of his live renditions.