Neil Young Listened To “Harvest” With Graham Nash in a Rowboat

Neil Young Listened To “Harvest” With Graham Nash in a Rowboat | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Young in a 2014 interview - The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

Neil Young’s seminal album Harvest was one of the albums that the musician is extremely proud of doing. While it didn’t receive the praise it deserved during the time of its release, recent evaluations recent evaluations testified that this album is indeed one of the greatest from Young.

Apart from that, Harvest is well-remembered for its feature stars such as David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Taylor, Stephen Stills, and Linda Ronstadt. In his conversation with Howard Stern for The Howard Stern Show, Young revealed how he created the album and let Nash listen to it on an aluminum rowboat.

“I just wanted to hear when it was, you know, stereo. I just wanted to hear a bigger stereo and I had these big voices of the theater speakers set up in both buildings and wires running from the other,” Young said. “We were on a rowboat, a little aluminum rowboat on the lake that’s in front of my house.” Young wanted to hear the finished product on a bigger setting so that he could see to it that his work is perfectly clear.

Young’s 2021 album Barn is out now. You can watch his interview with Howard Stern here.