Neil Peart’s Drum Kit From ‘2112’ Will Go To Auction

Neil Peart’s Drum Kit From ‘2112’ Will Go To Auction | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Peart and Rush live - RushWire / Youtube

The late Neil Peart’s drum set, which he owned and was used onstage and in the studio from 1974 to 197, is now up for auction. It is expected to go for around $80,000 to $120,000 and will be a part of Bonham’s online music memorabilia sale that takes place between November 23 and December 9.

Peart joined Rush on July 29, 1974, to replace original drummer John Rutsey, and bought the chrome double-bass drum Slingerland kit from Long & McQuade music store in Toronto, Canada. The drum set was first played on his first Rush gig where they opened for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on August 14.

This Peart drum kit then went on to be instrumental in his early years and recordings in the band. It was used on Rush’s first three albums: Fly By Night and Caress Of Steel in 1975, and 1976’s 2112. Peart also used it on their three-night stand at the Toronto Massey Hall which was also the recording of their first live LP, 1976’s All The World’s A Stage. 

Soon after the recording, Peart stashed the Slingerland kit away until a decade later, where he included it as a giveaway prize, along with two other kits, for Modern Drummer’s March 1987 issue. It was awarded to New York drummer Mark Feldman in the October 1987 issue and was later sold to the present owner.

Peart’s Slingerland kit comes with a bell tree, temple blocks, and various cowbells.