Neal Schon Thinks Arnel Pineda Would Be “Nobody” If Not For Journey

Neal Schon Thinks Arnel Pineda Would Be “Nobody” If Not For Journey | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the world of rock music, Journey has been a big name, and Neal Schon, their lead guitarist, is often in the spotlight. Recently, there have been rumors swirling about Arnel Pineda and Jonathan Cain, two key members of Journey, possibly leaving the band after their tour. Schon took to Twitter to respond to fans and share his thoughts, mixing confidence with a bit of controversy.

Schon’s Accustations

The band’s internal workings have come under scrutiny, especially with a legal dispute between Schon and Cain over money matters in their joint company, Nomota. Schon accused Cain of handling finances secretly, while Cain fired back, saying Schon spent too much. These disagreements brought tension into the band, setting the stage for the recent rumors.

Arnel Pineda, the talented vocalist who rose to fame after joining Journey, found himself caught in the middle of this controversy. Schon’s wife, Michaele, added more fuel to the fire with comments on Facebook, suggesting that Pineda and Cain should recognize their roles in the band. Pineda responded by saying he was ready to leave if not wanted and distancing himself from needing spiritual guidance from Michaele.


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Schon’s Remark on Arnel Pineda

When a fan asked about Journey’s future without Pineda and Cain, Schon confidently shut down the idea of them leaving. In response to another fan’s comment belittling the duo’s importance, Schon agreed, calling them “narcissists and pathological liars.” However, a supporter defended Pineda and Cain, highlighting their valuable contributions to the band’s current tour and repertoire. Schon acknowledged this, saying their success was closely tied to their time with Journey.

Pineda, after seeing Schon’s remarks, repeated his readiness to leave if necessary. Schon clarified his statements, saying that his ‘nobodies’ comment was directed at internet trolls, not his bandmates. He showed deep respect for Pineda’s talent, recognizing that while Pineda’s journey might have been different without Journey, his undeniable talent speaks for itself.

In the midst of these internal challenges, Schon’s statements reflect an attempt to ease tension and maintain a collaborative spirit within Journey. However, the ongoing interactions on social media continue to add to the controversy, leaving fans hopeful for resolution and the band’s musical journey to continue.

Digging deeper, Neal Schon’s perspective on Arnel Pineda’s success weaves together an acknowledgment of talent with the complexities of being in a band. As Journey navigates these rough waters, fans eagerly wait for the resolution of internal conflicts and the continuation of the iconic band’s musical legacy.