Neal Schon Finally Speaks Up About Replacing Arnel Pineda

Neal Schon Finally Speaks Up About Replacing Arnel Pineda | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The future of Journey has been clouded by uncertainty ever since Arnel Pineda, the band’s Filipino vocalist, spoke out against racist remarks and pledged to keep singing, even if it meant parting ways with the iconic group.

Now, guitarist and founding member Neal Schon has stepped into the spotlight, aiming to silence the deafening rumor mill surrounding Pineda’s potential exit. 

Schon’s intervention comes at a crucial juncture, following Pineda’s heartfelt address that resonated deeply with fans and ignited discussions about inclusivity and respect within the music industry.

With tensions simmering and fans eagerly awaiting answers, Schon’s voice holds the potential to either soothe anxieties or exacerbate the drama. 

“We are better than ever!”

Journey’s guitarist and founding member, Neal Schon, has shut down rumors circulating online about Arnel Pineda’s potential departure from the band. In a fiery Facebook post, he denounced “idiotic, relentless rag mag bulls**t articles” and emphasized that the band “are better than ever!”

Schon’s message serves as a much-needed dose of clarity for fans concerned about the band’s future. He reaffirmed their commitment to each other and expressed excitement for their upcoming tour, starting February 9th. This news comes after Pineda’s recent statement about facing racism and his dedication to continuing his music journey, regardless of the band.

Journey’s 2024 promises to be packed with action. Not only will they embark on their own tour, but they’ll also reunite with rock legends Def Leppard for a summer stadium tour, building on their successful collaborations from the past.

With Schon’s statement and the upcoming shows, it’s clear that Journey is ready to rock on, silencing doubts and fueling anticipation for their next chapter.

“I won’t stop singing with or without Journey”

Pineda has faced a barrage of negativity since joining the band in 2007. His Asian heritage, coupled with the iconic band’s predominantly white lineup, sparked a wave of racism and doubt from some fans. However, Pineda refuses to be silenced.

In a recent Instagram post, Pineda addressed his critics head-on, calling out “bashers, foes, racists, bigots, haters,” and declaring: “No matter what or how you will name me, I won’t stop singing with or without Journey… It’s in my blood…”

His message resonated with many, highlighting his unwavering passion for music and his determination to overcome prejudice. He acknowledges his desire for a better life and recognition but emphasizes that being part of Journey was never a calculated move, but rather a dream come true.

Pineda’s defiant stance speaks volumes about his character and talent. Whether it’s “fate, destiny, divine intervention, or pure luck,” his journey with Journey is an inspiration to anyone facing discrimination or doubt. 


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The Filipino vocalist remained humble and forgiving

Against the backdrop of John Lennon’s “Love”, Pineda continued addressing his detractors, offering an apology for any perceived pain while emphasizing his unwavering belief in unity and forgiveness. His poignant message, echoing Lennon’s call for peace and love, highlighted his resilience in the face of prejudice.

This spirit of acceptance wasn’t confined to Pineda’s own words. The band members themselves, along with their legendary former vocalist, Steve Perry, had extended a warm welcome to the Filipino singer.

Perry’s public acknowledgment of Pineda during the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony symbolized the band’s embrace of their new frontman. Even Pineda’s predecessor, describing their first encounter, spoke of it as a “glorious moment”.

This chorus of acceptance stands in stark contrast to the negativity Pineda faced. It serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, true talent and genuine connection can find a welcoming haven.