Neal Schon and Steve Perry Are Talking Again

Neal Schon and Steve Perry Are Talking Again | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Professor of Rock / Youtube

It’s water under the bridge for Neal Schon and Steve Perry! A recent interview from Vulture could convince you with this claim, with Schon claiming that the two are back to “talking and getting to know each other again.”

The two are mostly talking about business, which was made possible when Schon found out that Journey, unexpectedly, never owned their trademark. Though the music talk is there, they never officially opened the topic of ever performing with one another again.

In the Vulture interview, the guitarist was asked was his favorite Steve Perry memory is, to which he replied: “We were like brothers. We were crazy. We spent a lot of nights out way too late doing things we shouldn’t be doing. Drinking and whatnot. We overindulged in a lot of stuff. But bottom line, we had a really good time for many, many years.”

The two met after a while during the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, during Journey’s induction ceremony. Schon said he “managed to get into his room, which was locked down like Fort Knox. We had a good hang in there. I felt like I still knew this guy and we were still really great friends.”

The Journey guitarist had revealed before that Perry left due to the “politics” surrounding the music industry. Yet, the bond and the friendship are still there, even after all these years.