Micky Dolenz Share Monkees Song That Evolved After Mike Nesmith’s Death

Micky Dolenz Share Monkees Song That Evolved After Mike Nesmith’s Death | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Annabelle Meloy / Youtube

The Monkees may be known as TV-star lads during their prime, but they also released some of the finest songs ever. When Mike Nesmith of The Monkees died last year, his dear friend and bandmate Mickey Dolenz shared the one Monkee song that took on a new meaning after his death.

In a 2022 intimate interview with Forbes, Dolenz is questioned about whether the lyrics to “Some of Shelly’s Blues” by The Monkees ended up taking on a significant definition after the passing of Nesmith. The singer replied: “Oh, that’s interesting you should say that, because I think they probably did. A lot of his songs now that I’m singing have. Even ones he didn’t write.”

Dolenz then compares the tune to another Monkee song, “Me & Magdalena.” “That’s suddenly taken on a deeper meaning,” he added. “I’m doing it with my sister now in the show. I’ve done that before in my solo shows with my sister Coco.”

Similarly, in a 2016 interview with another Monkee member Peter Tork, Tork was asked if there’s any track released by the band that he listened to frequently. The singer answered “Me & Magdalena” from their album Good Times! Which was their newly-released album back then.

“[Producer Adam Schlesinger] chose to produce [Me & Magdalena] as a duet with Micky singing a second part above Mike” Tork revealed. “And I’m a little disappointed because I think Mike’s vocal was just amazingly tender and a breakthrough for him, revelatory.”

Listen to the song below.