Lynyrd Skynyrd Will Continue The Music After Gary Rossington’s Passing

Lynyrd Skynyrd Will Continue The Music After Gary Rossington’s Passing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Toshi Aizawa / Youtube

With Gary Rossington’s untimely death on March 5, Lynyrd Skynyrd has declared that they would carry on as a band. The band’s guitarist was the only original member still performing with the group.

According to a recent press release, the band was “unsure” at first about continuing without Rossington. The band, Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant’s families, and Dale Rossington have all come together to show their support. “[They] feel that continuing to perform live, and keeping the music alive, is in the best interest of the fans and everyone involved,” the released statement explains.

Dale Rossington, Gary’s widow, expressed her sentiments regarding her late husband and the future of Lynyrd Skynyrd. “Gary was always the first to say how ‘Skynyrd’s music is bigger than me or any one person. Gary made it known at every chance to express how timeless the music was, and it was always his goal to keep the music alive for his brothers because that was always their dream. He spent his entire life trying to carry on that dream for Ronnie, Allen, Steve and all the others over the years. While he was not able to physically be onstage with the current lineup over the last couple years, he supported them in every way. His dream will continue thanks to [singer] Johnny [Van Zant], [guitarist] Rickey [Medlocke] and the rest of our bandmates to continue to carry his legacy and music on for future generations.”

“Gary was not only my brother, bandmate and friend,” Johnny Van Zant said. “I think he loved me as much as I loved him. We would do anything for each other. We laughed, we fell, we cried and made up, and shared the stage for the last 36 years. Gary, along with my brother Ronnie and Allen, started this band and left us all a legacy of music that has stood the test of time, and crossed three generations of fans.”

Since 2021, when Rossington required emergency heart surgery, Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson have been performing with the band. Whether or not he will be included on the new roster is unknown at this time.