London street busker SLAYS this Queen Classic

London street busker SLAYS this Queen Classic | I Love Classic Rock Videos

source: Montalban Music

Mama mia!

Playing such a refreshing cover of an absolutely timeless rock classic, Miguel Montalban busks the streets of London like a pro. The Chile-born musician is not just a street guitarist, he is also a composer and is part of a real rock band called Andes Empire in Rome.

Although Montalban is already up and coming in his professional music career, his worldwide fame is all thanks to his series of street performances held in different capital cities all over Europe. His viral videos have reached millions of views and it’s not surprising why. Displaying his exceptional musical talent is reason enough. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is definitely a challenge for most musicians alike,  as it is a complex masterpiece of high levels. But as the viral videos prove, Miguel Montalban rises to the challenge and slays it!

It’s only proper that he’s scored a recording contract, working on his solo instrumental rock album called Inspirations. Aside from that, this world wide street busker also keeps himself busy with his new psychedelic rock band “Pineapple Road Explosion”.