Listen To Stevie Nicks’ Incredible Johnny Cash Cover Of ‘I Still Miss Someone’

Listen To Stevie Nicks’ Incredible Johnny Cash Cover Of ‘I Still Miss Someone’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In addition to her own amazing songwriting, Nicks has frequently acknowledged her most important musical inspirations. She’s had a lot of covers of different songs by different artists, but today we’re listening to her amazing interpretation of “I Still Miss Someone” by Johnny Cash which remains iconic even to this day.

In 1988, Nicks recorded a rendition of the country standard for her upcoming fourth studio album, 1989’s The Other Side of the Mirror. Nicks’s dark vocals stand in striking contrast to the cheerier synth-laden instrumentals on her revised version, making for an instantly recognizable signature. You can listen to her amazing rendition below.

In 1958, Cash and his nephew Roy Cash collaborated on a legendary ballad titled “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town,” which was issued as the flip side of the song. Eventually, it found its way into his second studio album, The Fantastic Johnny Cash.

+ I Still Miss Someone +

Lyrics by: Johnny Cash


At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

I go out on a party
And look for a little fun
But I find a darkened corner
Because I still miss someone

Oh, no I never got over those blue eyes
I see them every where
I miss those arms that held me
When all the love was there

I wonder if she’s sorry
For leavin’ what we’d begun
There’s someone for me somewhere
And I still miss someone