Listen To Neil Peart Narrating an 8-Minute Inspirational Video

Listen To Neil Peart Narrating an 8-Minute Inspirational Video | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Growth Rings, a short film featuring Neil Peart - Edge Factor / Youtube

The late Rush legend Neil Peart can be listened to narrating an eight-minute video that dives in how “music marks moment in our lives.” Peart co-wrote the piece with DW Drums and was released five months after his passing in January of 2020.

A statement says: “This short film honors the way in which music marks moments in our lives. Just as the life of a tree can be understood through its growth rings, we can look at the milestones and eras of our lives and reminiscence of the songs and bands that resonated with us during those times.”

Peart refers to how scientists can tell about a tree’s growing environment with its rings, saying, “Like those growth rings, popular music also reflects the weather of its times – evokes and embodies the moods and movements that gave it context.”

“The songs of the 1930s speak of their time, but remain alive in ours – the great American songbook. We cannot talk about the 1960s without featuring the music that reflected the era, and even helped to shape those times – songs of protest, songs of celebration,” he continued.

The short film concludes with footage of Peart onstage with Rush as he narrates: “When you find that singular focus, the thing you were created to do, your art will take root.”