Listen To Elton John’s New Demo Of ‘Scarecrow’

Listen To Elton John’s New Demo Of ‘Scarecrow’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Scarecrow (Lyric Video) –Elton John /YouTube

Singer/composer Elton John released a lyric video demo for “Scarecrow”, the first demo that he co-wrote with his lifelong collaborator, lyricist Bernie Taupin.

The song was a part of the six archived tracks that were revealed on the singer’s 74th birthday last March 25. The six tracks that were introduced came from John’s rarities anthology Elton: Jewel Box last year. It was one of the written songs presented to him before he would eventually meet Taupin in the future.

“‘Scarecrow’ will always have a very special place in my heart, and I know that Bernie feels the same way too,” Elton once said in a discussion. He further stated that as lockdown helped him to reflect and look back at what happened, it felt remarkable as he discovered this old song once again that sprouted him and Taupin the long years of friendship and career developments.

John also explained that the Jewel Box will comprise the “embryos of something special”, in which “Scarecrow” goes right to the heart of their once “naïve compositions” which would eventually become so spectacular.

Additionally, Taupin had asked for John to record a couple of songs for a new album last year, with the singer rejecting the idea saying that “No one needs another Elton John record out at the moment.”