Lindsey Buckingham Reveals He Wants To Join Fleetwood Mac Again

Lindsey Buckingham Reveals He Wants To Join Fleetwood Mac Again | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Lindsey Buckingham, who parted ways with Fleetwood Mac in 2018, recently shared that he would eagerly rejoin the band if given the opportunity.

Revealing his sentiment towards rejoining the iconic group

Despite uncertainty surrounding Fleetwood Mac’s future following Christine McVie’s passing in 2022, Buckingham expressed his willingness to return to the fold during a conversation with Conan O’Brien on SiriusXM.

 “I’d be open to returning to the driving seat if the opportunity arose,” Buckingham said.

Reflecting on his departure from Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham acknowledged the complexity of the situation:

 “Without pointing any fingers, it was certainly fairly singular in how it was driven. Others in the band were not happy with what was going on at that point. And I think everyone would have liked to see me remain, but did what they felt they had to do in that moment. And that’s understandable. There’s no fingers to point at anyone, really. That’s rock and roll, right?”

Buckingham highlighted the resilience of Fleetwood Mac, noting that the band had weathered significant challenges throughout their history:

“I was in the band for almost 45 years and we were always – this is always part of our legacy – we were always able to work out our differences over things of which were far more profound than any issues that happened in 2018 with me departing the band.”

Following Buckingham’s departure

Fleetwood Mac enlisted Mike Campbell and Neil Finn to fill his shoes, a decision that Buckingham felt disrespected the band’s legacy:

 “The band collectively allowing that to happen, maybe out of weakness to some degree, it disrespected the legacy we built.”

However, despite past grievances, Buckingham expressed his willingness to reconcile and rejoin Fleetwood Mac:

“In a heartbeat, absolutely. If there’s more to come [from Fleetwood Mac], if there’s a way to heal that, that would be great. It would be very appropriate to close on a more circular note,” he stated when asked about the possibility of rejoining.

In 2020, Mick Fleetwood stated that Buckingham’s departure was permanent, emphasizing the band’s commitment to Neil Finn and Mike Campbell:

“We’re very, very committed to Neil and Mike, and that passed away a time ago, when Lindsey left. And it’s not a point of conversation, so I have to say no.”

Buckingham shared openly about his strong bond with Fleetwood Mac and his willingness to consider getting back together with the band that shaped rock music in their time.