Lindsey Buckingham Return To Fleetwood Mac Is “Unlikely”

Lindsey Buckingham Return To Fleetwood Mac Is “Unlikely” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lindsey Buckingham live in 2015 - TheLeapTV / Youtube

Mick Fleetwood just swatted any hopes of Lindsey Buckingham rejoining the Fleetwood Mac lineup, saying that the topic is no “point of conversation” with the members.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mick Fleetwood discussed the plans regarding their upcoming tribute concert for Peter Green, along with Fleetwood Mac stuff. The topic veering to Lindsey Buckingham was inevitable, who was excused from the lineup in 2018 and was replaced by Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. Fleetwood was unforgiving, in that he couldn’t imagine ever playing onstage again with the guitarist.

“Fleetwood Mac is a strange creature. We’re very, very committed to Neil and Mike, and that passed away a time ago, when Lindsey left,” Fleetwood said. “His legacy is alive and well, and as it should be,” the drummer explained. “A major, major part that will never be taken away, and never be down-spoken by any of us. The situation was no secret. We were not happy. It was not working, and we parted company. And that really is all of it,” he added.

Buckingham sued his former bandmates with his dismissal on grounds of contract breach and lost wages, where they settled out of court. He didn’t close the doors for a potential reunion, though, but the rest of the band members insist that the separation was a necessary step in keeping them on their feet.