KISS Could Get A New York Street Named After Them

KISS Could Get A New York Street Named After Them | I Love Classic Rock Videos

KISS live in 2014 - KISS / Youtube

On April 12, 2024, news broke that the legendary rock band KISS might soon have a street in New York City named in their honor. A crucial meeting will take place on April 17 to discuss whether West 23rd Street and 8th Avenue should be renamed or co-named after KISS. This location is not just any street corner; it’s where the cover photo for KISS’s third album, “Dressed To Kill,” was taken. In it, the band members are dressed in suits but still wear their famous makeup.

Community Engagement and Meeting Details

The meeting, set by the Manhattan Community Board No. 4, is important for those who have something to say about this plan. Officials have made arrangements for people to join in person or virtually through Zoom. They’ve also given the option to send comments via email by noon on April 16. The announcement informed people it’s their chance to “hear about the plans, to ask questions and/or to provide comments.” This shows the community’s role in the decision-making process.

Manhattan Community Board No. 4’s Transportation Planning Committee, which is organizing the meeting, does a lot more than just meetings. They handle applications for closing streets and putting things on sidewalks, like newsstands or phone booths. They also push for better street and sidewalk upkeep and better transit services. Plus, they talk with the Department of Transportation to see about changing parking rules, street design, and how traffic moves. On top of all that, they look at requests for things like no-honking zones and street-name signs.

KISS’s Iconic Legacy and the Street Naming Proposal

KISS is a huge part of New York City’s music history. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley started the band in NYC back in 1973, along with original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Over the years, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer took over for Frehley and Criss. And although the original KISS said goodbye with a “Farewell Tour” in 2001, the band came back for the “End Of The Road” world tour. This big comeback ended with big shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC last December.

The idea of renaming a part of NYC for KISS sparked conversations online. The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn shared news about the upcoming meeting, asking, “Check this out… Next week, on April 17th, there will be a public meeting in NYC to propose renaming the street corner.” It caught the attention of many, including someone who shared with Brunn that they had seen a notice about the meeting while in Chelsea, across the street on 8th Ave.

KISS has become a big name in rock music and is loved by many people in New York and all over the world. The band’s special way of performing, their unforgettable songs, and their link to New York City make the idea of naming a street after them very important. This would not only honor what the band has done for music and culture but also be a way of remembering them right in the heart of the city. As everyone gets ready to talk and make a decision, it shows how much music and famous musicians can mean to a city and its people