Kids React To Metallica – See How Old You’ll Feel

Kids React To Metallica – See How Old You’ll Feel | I Love Classic Rock Videos


Say your prayers, little ones

The famous youtube series “Kids React!” by the Fine Brothers has done another music segment and this time they feature the ultimate iconic metal rock band Metallica. A group of kids aged between 8-12 years old were shown Metallica’s music video for their latest track “Hardwired” for the first time and their reactions are, well, let’s just say “mixed”.

Some of them, maybe as expected, were less than enthusiastic by the “wild music”, while others, to our delight, were very impressed.

It was mostly an eye-opening experience for majority of these kids with one 10 year-old girl even saying the music as “so aggressive!”. One 11-year old boy actually confused Metallica with the Rolling Stones. One 12-year old kid just doesn’t get it, saying, “It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think this is classified as music.” These kids obviously need to attend a Rock Music 101 class.

The best (or worst) part is their reactions when they were shown then-and-now photos of the band. One was so surprised and exclaimed “They’re, like, 80!”

Feel old yet?

See the video of the kids’ raw and honest reactions below: