This Kid is the Future of Blues Rock!

This Kid is the Future of Blues Rock! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The next generation’s blues guitar phenomenon!

12-year old Toby Lee from Oxford, England is seen in this video slaying it on guitar alongside seasoned blues musicians in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Toby’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed that even the great Joe Bonamassa recognized his impressive ability and shared it to his social media platforms. Gibson Guitar also took notice and made the kid a brand ambassador even at such a young age!

Toby’s genius all started when he was just 4-years-old, starting with a little ukulele. He started with the electric guitar at the age of eight and was discovered by Mick Box from Uriah Heep at a hotel lobby. He can nail the riffs by Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore and BB King and they would surely be so proud of this young guitarist, as he paves his way to make Blues Rock live on to the next generation.


Toby Lee

The future of the Blues! Toby Lee (12) sitting in with Ronnie Baker Brooks @ in Frederikshavn, Denmark, thanks to Peter Astrup. you Ronnie for taking good care of Toby ! Ronnie Baker Brooks's guitar: Gibson Firebird.