Keith Richards Talk About His Health and Being Sober

Keith Richards Talk About His Health and Being Sober | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Recently, on December 18, Keith Richards, the iconic guitarist of The Rolling Stones, marked another remarkable birthday, joining his fellow bandmate Mick Jagger in the 80s club. Despite the passage of time, Richards remains as vibrant as ever, sharing insights into his health, sobriety, and the enduring success of The Rolling Stones during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

The Aging Process and Staying Creative

Richards, known for his candidness, opened up about the aging process, stating, “From that end of it, I feel perfectly fine. I feel no different [than when I was younger] … I can jump onstage now and do the show, you know?” He humorously added, “It’s a process. Like … you never grow up. The moment you get to a certain [stage], you’re growing down,” playfully anticipating the day he might need diapers.

Reflecting on the band’s incredible longevity, he shared, “Sixty years in a band is a hell of a long time. How do you do that? I think the most important thing is that the people in the band want to stay together. That helps! We had our ups and downs, of course. But in the end, we always noticed that we are more creative together.”

Love and Partnership

Acknowledging the significance of his partner, Patti Hansen, Richards expressed, “Patti is the whole deal. By now, I wouldn’t know how to get out of bed without her,” emphasizing their enduring love since they met in 1979. The couple tied the knot in 1983, and Richards credits Hansen for being his source of strength and inspiration.


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Skeptical Stance on Health Advice

Known for his rebellious spirit, Richards shared a humorous take on doctors, saying, “I mean, some doctor told me I had six months to live, and I went to their funeral. I don’t trust doctors. It’s not to say there ain’t some good ones, but on a general level, no, I wouldn’t trust ’em at all.”

Musical Roots and Influences

The guitarist reflected on his musical beginnings, revealing, “If you don’t know the blues… there’s no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.” He reminisced about the first record he bought, Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally,” praising its enduring quality.

Quirks of Bandmate Charlie Watts

Richards shared amusing anecdotes about bandmate Charlie Watts, describing him as a “great English eccentric” who buys vintage cars just to admire the dashboards, unable to drive. The guitarist highlighted Watts’s unique personality, including bespoke suits matching each car.

Family Life and Hobbies

Away from the stage, Richards enjoys a laid-back lifestyle in his summer house, providing a glimpse into his ordinary day in the Caribbean. The mornings start with a relaxed breakfast routine, and the dress code is extremely casual. Richards, a loving grandfather, spends quality time with his grandchildren, introducing them to books and reading.

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