Kansas’ Rich Williams Share Story Of How Steven Tyler Tried To Sabotage Them

Kansas’ Rich Williams Share Story Of How Steven Tyler Tried To Sabotage Them | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The world of rock and roll isn’t always sunshine and groupies. A recent AXS TV appearance by Kansas guitarist Rich Williams revealed a surprising story of sabotage – and the culprit? None other than Aerosmith’s legendary frontman, Steven Tyler.

While Williams assures fans the bands are cool now, he recounted a past incident where things got a little… competitive.

According to Williams, Tyler wasn’t always thrilled with opening acts outshining Aerosmith. Apparently, a rumor circulated that Tyler, known for his electrifying stage presence, would occasionally resort to drastic measures – like unplugging the offending band!

Buckle up, because Williams is about to spill the tea on what exactly went down when Kansas shared the stage with Aerosmith.

Kansas were on high alert for Tyler’s infamous pranks

Kansas was vigilant during their performance, anticipating possible disruptions by Tyler. Williams explained their strategy for prevention, including how the Aerosmith frontman became frustrated with the other band’s ingenuity.

“So, what we did was we ran dummy lines to where he could get to, and we ran our main power to another direction that was hidden. So, he came out there to stop our show, and it didn’t work, and I guess he got quite upset about it,” Williams shared.

The encounter escalated to a point where it’s remembered as an unfortunate event. The ensuing clash between Kansas’ bass player and Tyler marked a low point for the band, overshadowing the concert experience.

Rock legends on diverging paths

Aerosmith and Kansas, both titans of rock with a combined century on the stage, are now at opposite ends of the road. Steven Tyler’s iconic band is embarking on its farewell tour, Peace Out.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer to catch the final shows. The band was forced to postpone their September 2023 finale due to Tyler’s vocal cord injury. Hopefully, rescheduled dates will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, Kansas is gearing up for a celebratory year. To mark their golden anniversary, the band is launching a US tour. The party kicks off on April 5th in Toledo, Ohio. It’s set to be a momentous occasion for fans and a chance to relive the band’s greatest hits.