Kansas Release Teaser Video For New Song, “Throwing Mountains”

Kansas Release Teaser Video For New Song, “Throwing Mountains” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Kansas' new teaser for Throwing Mounitains - InsideOutMusicTV / Youtube

Kansas has just released a teaser clip for their new single, “Throwing Mountains”. This new track is the first single for their anticipated album, The Absence Of Presence. 

The 25-second video is a mix of performance and backstage footage from the band – the full video is set for release on April 17. The song was also given promotion about two weeks ago when Kansas uploaded a five-song teaser along with the album’s tracklisting.

The Absence of Presence will be available on the 26th of June, as the 16th studio album of the band marks the continuation of their return to studio activity since 2016’s The Prelude Implicit. Phil Ehart, the band’s drummer, gives credit to guitarist and co-producer Zak Rizvi, as well as the new keyboardist Tom Brislin, for helping Kansas rediscover its signature sound.

“This sounds like Kansas. “Zak wrote the majority of The Prelude Implicit and this album, and now having Tom Brislin add a couple of his songs and his keyboard prowess really pushes the band even more toward that original sound, which is not easy to do by any means,” Rizvi shared. “You’ve got to have the material. You’ve got to have the singer to sing it. You’ve got to have lyrics that are Kansas-type lyrics. These guys get it, and the other four of us who have been here for 20, 40, 50 years, we’re just sitting here grinning, going ‘This is great!'”