Julian Lennon Recalls Receiving A Message From John In The Afterlife

Julian Lennon Recalls Receiving A Message From John In The Afterlife | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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John Lennon’s music was a vehicle via which he spread his ideals and improved society. He may be gone, but his words live on. In his most recent interview with Kevin Nealon, Julian Lennon explained that he founded the White Feather Foundation because he wanted to take action in keeping with this message. What’s more, the backstory is just as impressive.

The White Feather Foundation is committed to environmental and humanitarian causes, and it works with international allies to generate money for the benefit of all living things and recognize people who have made a significant impact on the globe.

“Dad said to me, I couldn’t tell you exactly when or where, but he told me that if something ever happened to him, to let me know that he would be okay or that we were all going to be okay [he would send a message] in the form of a white feather,” Julian Lennon explained. “And then during 1993, 1994 or 1995, I was on tour in Australia with my only number one single, ‘Saltwater,’ environmental, humanitarian. I was in Adelaide, and I got a call from the hotel management saying, ‘Mr. Lennon, please come down to the lobby. There’s an Aboriginal tribe down here with a bunch of film crews.’”

He continued: “So I’m in the lobby of the hotel in Adelaide. There’s this tribe called the Morning tribe. They’ve been kicked off their land. All kinds of nasty things happened to them. And the elder, who’s this lady, walked up to me in the middle of the semicircle, a circle with a few news crews around, and she presented a male swan’s white feather to me and said, ‘You have a voice. Can you help us?’”

Julian indeed “imagined” what it would be like to make the world go better through this foundation, which is with the help of his late father, who wanted nothing but to give peace a chance.