Journey’s Neal Schon Sparks Controversy with Bold Claim About Arnel Pineda’s Fame

Journey’s Neal Schon Sparks Controversy with Bold Claim About Arnel Pineda’s Fame | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Neal Schon, the lead guitarist for Journey, recently addressed rumors that band members Arnel Pineda and Jonathan Cain would quit following their current tour. In a series of tweets, Schon addressed questions from listeners about whether he plans to leave the band.

There have been lingering tensions between Schon and the rest of the band for quite some time. In November, Schon filed a lawsuit against Cain for setting up an American Express card for Journey without his knowledge. They formed Nomota to handle the band’s money, and Schon demanded to see the credit card statements since he felt he had a right to do so. Cain countersues Schon for spending more than $1 million on their joint American Express card and accuses him of seeking to expand his spending limit to support his lavish lifestyle.

The disagreement between Pineda and Schon started with certain Facebook posts made by Michaele, Schon’s wife. Michaele backed Journey’s decision to reunite with Gregg Rolie, arguing that Cain and Pineda should know their place as they were both recruited by Neal. Michaela also recommended religion and spirituality classes for the two bandmates. Pineda shot back that the band could dismiss him at any time if they got sick of him and that he didn’t need any spiritual lectures.

In a series of commented tweets presented below, Schon was eager to answer questions and claims brought about by fans. The guitarist assured a fan that Arnel Pineda and Jonathan Cain would not be departing Journey at the conclusion of their current tour. Another fan played down the impact of the possible departure, saying the two were “nobodies” and that their departure would create “a lot of positive space” for Schon and the rest of the band.

Still, another fan spoke out for Pineda and Cain, praising their work with Journey and noting that most of the songs being played on this tour were either written or co-written by Cain and Perry.

The supporter also argued that neither Pineda nor Cain were “nobodies,” citing the fact that Schon had personally selected Pineda because of their comparable singing styles. Schon said that Arnel and Jonathan were important “because of Journey,” indicating that the band was the one who drove them to fame in the first place.