Journey Shows Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain’s Comeback

Journey Shows Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain’s Comeback | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For Journey fans, the recent photo of Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain together was a sight for sore eyes. After years of swirling rumors about a bitter rift between the band’s two core members, the image sparked hope that they had finally buried the hatchet.

But is this social media snapshot just a carefully crafted PR stunt, or a genuine sign of reconciliation?

The caption, “The Pisces BD brothers back and better than ever”, hinted at a newfound harmony, fueled by their shared astrological sign. But can we trust social media smiles and carefully curated photos? 


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Mixed reaction from fans

The news of Schon and Cain’s apparent reconciliation wasn’t met with unanimous cheers. While Schon reposted the joyous photo on his own Instagram story, fan reactions were a mixed bag. Some, overjoyed at the end of a perceived feud, expressed their delight.

One such message read, “Life’s too short! Love seeing you two brothers back on good terms. You guys created a wonderful thing; it’s time to enjoy it!”

However, not everyone was convinced. Some fans saw parallels to other long-standing rock rivalries, like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS.

One skeptical comment read, “They’re like Gene & Paul… Fire everybody, more money for us… How much is enough, I wonder… Seriously.” This cynical viewpoint highlights the underlying concern that the reunion might be more about financial gain than genuine peace.

They were locked in a bitter legal battle in 2022

November 2022 saw Journey’s harmonious facade crumble as the pair of Journey old-timers found themselves locked in a bitter legal battle. The catalyst? Money. Schon accused Cain of financial mismanagement, claiming he misused a shared American Express card and set it up without his consent.

Cain, however, fired back with his own lawsuit. His lawyers painted a picture of Schon as a spendthrift, racking up over $1 million in personal expenses on the band’s card. This, they argued, left Journey struggling to cover basic tour costs and created “serious liquidity problems”.

The accusations flew back and forth, leaving fans bewildered and the band’s future uncertain. The lawsuits cast a dark shadow over Journey, raising questions about their ability to weather the storm and continue their musical journey.

With both sides presenting their narratives, the truth behind the financial turmoil remained shrouded in mystery. Only time, and perhaps the resolution of the legal battle, would reveal the true extent of the damage and whether Journey could truly mend their broken bond.

Everything’s going to be fine, it seems

A glimmer of hope emerged in January 2024 for Journey fans worried about the band’s future. Drummer Deen Castronovo announced the news everyone was waiting for: Cain and Schon, locked in a bitter legal battle for months, had finally reconciled.

“John and Neil mended fences,” Castronovo shared, his words painting a picture of relief and joy. “To see those guys embrace…everybody gave a sigh of relief. Thank God, man. It’s not fun to be on the road with animosity.” He described the band’s newfound unity as a welcome end to the tense atmosphere that had plagued them.

The reconciliation extends beyond the two core members. Castronovo revealed that Cain, Schon, Michaele Salahi, and Paula White are currently collaborating on projects, working together and staying focused. Even Arnel Pineda, physically separated in the Philippines, remains connected to the band, ensuring communication flows freely.

This news serves as a beacon of hope for Journey fans who feared the band’s future was on the rocks. While the legal battle’s outcome remains to be seen, the band’s renewed harmony suggests they’re ready to move forward, united and focused on their music.