Jon Bon Jovi Wants To Open Up A Bar In Nashville

Jon Bon Jovi Wants To Open Up A Bar In Nashville | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The iconic New Jersey rocker, Jon Bon Jovi, is trading in his stadium stages for the neon lights of Nashville’s Lower Broadway. That’s right, the man behind anthems like “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” is set to open his own bar, restaurant, and music venue: JBJ’s Nashville.

And this ain’t your average hole-in-the-wall joint. JBJ’s is poised to be a giant among giants, boasting the title of both the tallest and second-largest bar on the famed strip. 

But, Bon Jovi and country music? Don’t underestimate the rocker’s connection to Music City. He’s recorded several albums there, collaborating with some of the industry’s finest. The new bar is not just a tourist trap; it’s a love letter to a place that’s held a special place in his heart for years.

Bon Jovi is “looking forward” to his new Nashville home

Bon Jovi has teamed up with BPH Hospitality to open JBJ’s, a massive 37,000-square-foot bar, restaurant, and music venue right in the heart of Music City. Claiming the title of both the tallest and second-largest bar on Lower Broadway, JBJ’s promises to be a landmark destination.

But this isn’t just about size. JBJ’s is being built with respect for Nashville’s rich history. Its location at 405 Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and 4th Avenue, adheres to the city’s Broadway Historic Preservation Overlay, ensuring the design blends seamlessly with the existing architectural landscape.

As Bon Jovi himself says, “We’re looking forward to having a place in Nashville that we call home.”

This isn’t the first time Bon Jovi has dipped his toes into Music City waters. He’s recorded several albums there and forged strong connections within the industry. This venture isn’t just about opening a bar; it’s about giving back to a place that has given him so much.

A bridge between him and the iconic Music City

Bon Jovi isn’t just building a bar in Nashville, he’s building a bridge between himself and the city that holds a special place in his heart.”We have had wonderful times in Nashville recording several albums and working with some of the finest people in all the music business,” he shared.

This respect isn’t simply platitudes. Bon Jovi has actively embraced the country music world. In 2006, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, a duet with Jennifer Nettles, shattered genre barriers by topping the country charts for two weeks. Their collaboration didn’t end there – they reunited in 2020 for another hit, “Do What You Can.”

He also teamed with LeAnn Rimes for the chart-topping “‘Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” proving his musical journey extends far beyond rock anthems.

So, raising his glass to “all of Broadway,” Bon Jovi isn’t just opening a bar. He’s coming home to a community he cherishes, ready to raise a toast to new friendships, collaborations, and memories.

Bon Jovi joins an exclusive club of country stars

Come spring 2024, the neon lights of Nashville’s Lower Broadway will shine a little brighter with the arrival of JBJ’s Nashville. But, Bon Jovi isn’t the only rock legend making waves on Broadway. 

He’s about to join an exclusive club of country music royalty who’ve already claimed their stake on the iconic strip.

Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and Dierks Bentley are just a few of the stars who’ve opened their own vibrant venues, each reflecting their unique musical styles and personalities. The energy is electric, with each bar adding its own flavor to the already diverse soundscape of Nashville.

But the party doesn’t stop there. Luke Combs and Eric Church are also gearing up for their own grand openings, further solidifying the trend of music icons making Nashville their home away from home.