Jon Bon Jovi Reveals His Pick For A Frontman Better Than Him

Jon Bon Jovi Reveals His Pick For A Frontman Better Than Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Throughout his four-decade career, Jon Bon Jovi has not only carved his own niche in the realm of rock but has also looked up to pioneers who laid the groundwork for what the genre represents today. Among the myriad of artists that have influenced the landscape, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones stands out as a monumental figure whose impact remains unwavering, even after 60 years in the spotlight.

Bon Jovi on The Rolling Stones and The Beatles

The Rolling Stones have been a constant in Bon Jovi’s life nearly from his infancy. “When The Rolling Stones released their first single, Bon Jovi could barely speak, and they have been a part of his life since he initially became aware of the concept of music,” Bon Jovi reflects on Jagger’s timeless vitality that allows him to electrify stadiums with a youthful energy that belies his age.

In a candid discussion with the Los Angeles Times, Bon Jovi delves into the perennial debate of The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones and reveals his profound admiration for both groups. “Tough question,” he remarks, highlighting the unparalleled songwriting and production of The Beatles as “otherworldly.” Yet, when it comes to who epitomizes the role of a quintessential frontman, Bon Jovi doesn’t hesitate: “Jagger’s the greatest frontman — he’s the bar. I always say I wish he’d retire because then I’d know where the end zone is. I love the Rolling Stones. But we were more Beatles.”


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Bon Jovi’s Early Encounters with The Rolling Stones

Before achieving stardom, Bon Jovi’s time at the Power Station recording studio in New York afforded him an early exposure to the elite of the music world, including The Rolling Stones. Unlike many artists who might project a sense of superiority, Bon Jovi was pleasantly surprised by the Stones’ humility and how they treated him as an equal. Recalling his experiences, he shared, “The biggest thing I learned there was the bigger the star, the nicer the person. It was the Rolling Stones who would hold the door open for you when you were coming in with the burgers and the coffee.”

Although Bon Jovi insists that he “wasn’t rubbing elbows with the Rolling Stones,” the observations he made and the interactions, however minimal, left a lasting impression. The Stones, in his eyes, were the embodiment of stardom with grace. “While you were sweeping the floor or parking their car, you would observe. The bigger stars would take a moment to say, ‘How’s that demo going?’ That stayed with me,” he deeply recalls.

In a more personal revelation, Bon Jovi touched upon his recent struggles with vocal health, which led to surgery in 2022, casting uncertainty over his future performances. With a candid vulnerability, he admits, “Nothing else matters until I work on getting better. It’s up to God at this point. I’ve done everything I can do.” Despite his financial stability, which would allow him to avoid the stage, Bon Jovi emphasizes that performing is not merely about financial gain but a passion ingrained in his being. He states firmly, “I won’t fake it…. the legacy matters too much.”