John Regan Revealed He Became Ace Frehley’s “Caretaker”

John Regan Revealed He Became Ace Frehley’s “Caretaker” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Heavi / YouTube

John Regan, the former bassist of Ace Frehley’s band Frehley’s Comet from 1984 to 1990, passed away on April 7, 2023. In a recent reissued interview with Metal Edge, Regan reflected on his time working with Frehley and the challenges they faced.

Regan acknowledged that Ace Frehley wasn’t always easy to deal with but emphasized the friendship they developed. He revealed that he unknowingly took on a caretaking role in the later days of Frehley’s Comet, recognizing that Ace needed people around him to support and encourage him. Regan stated, “Ace was always good to me. He wasn’t always easy to deal with, but we connected as friends first, and the music part came later.”

Discussing their 1988 album, Second Sighting, Regan described the numerous challenges they encountered while striving to create a good record. Despite the album not being well received, Regan expressed pride in the effort they put into it, saying, “We did our best to make a good record… We did it for each other as much as for Ace. I have no regrets.”

During the recording of Second Sighting, Ace Frehley faced health issues and substance abuse problems, leading to Tod Howarth taking on a more prominent role in the album with his singing and songwriting. Reflecting on the situation, Frehley acknowledged that the album didn’t come out as he had intended. He explained, “Basically, it didn’t come out like an Ace Frehley record. It came out like an Ace and Tod record. Unfortunately, many of my fans weren’t thrilled with it.”

In light of recent events, Ace Frehley announced upcoming tour dates on his website, with the tour set to begin on June 30, 2023, and will conclude on August 26, 2023.