John Lennon’s Song “Mind Games” Is Now A Meditation Series

John Lennon’s Song “Mind Games” Is Now A Meditation Series | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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John Lennon’s legacy takes on a new dimension through an inventive fusion of music and meditation. The late great Beatle’s widow and son have shared a creative meditation method that uses nine different takes on Lennon’s well-known 1973 song “Mind Games.” These carefully chosen and varied versions are available on the Lumenate app, which is a great way to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month.

A Symphony of Brain Waves

The app introduces an intriguing array of tracks, each designed to enrich the meditative experience through the use of specific brain wave frequencies. Among the offerings are the five-minute “Spirit,” leveraging beta waves for a mindful journey, and the extended 33-minute “Peace” session, alongside other compositions incorporating gamma, delta, and theta waves, all enhanced with binaural effects. This distinctive compilation includes titles like “Mind,” “Magic,” “Space,” “Seed,” “Yes,” “Surrender,” and “Love,” each promising a singular auditory expedition.

Lumenate’s approach to meditation is both unique and scientifically grounded. “The Lumenate app uses the flashlight on the back of one’s smartphone, strobed at research-driven frequencies onto a person’s closed eyes to neurologically guide them into a state of consciousness that treads the fine line between deep meditation and the psychedelic experience,” the John Lennon website explains. This melding of light and sound aims to guide users towards an unparalleled state of relaxation and introspection, enabling a connection with the music on an unprecedented level.

To achieve these potent effects, the original master tapes of “Mind Games” were meticulously processed, with Sean Ono Lennon adding “additional instrumentation” to further enrich the compositions. Sean shares his enthusiasm for the project: “I think our Mind Games project is fun, meaningful, and potentially mind-expanding. I’ve been using the Lumenate app for my own personal meditations since it launched and have had many profound experiences.”


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Bridging Generations Through “Mind Games” Meditation

Sean delves into his personal connection with meditation and its relevance to this project, reminiscing about his father’s involvement with similar practices. “My father was famously into meditation. I remember trying the ‘flicker machine’ he kept in the bedroom, which is what first introduced me to the idea of stroboscopic brain wave induction. I thought it made sense to combine the music of ‘Mind Games‘ with the science of Lumenate. I really hope people enjoy the results as much as I have.”

Yoko Ono reflects on the underlying message of “Mind Games” and its resonance with the project’s goal. “John was trying to convey the message that we all play mind games. But if we can play mind games, why not make a positive future with it – to be a positive mind game? ‘Mind Games‘ is such an incredibly strong song. At the time, people didn’t quite get the message… Now, people would understand it. I don’t think in those days people knew they were playing mind games anyway.”

The “Mind Games” Meditation Mixes, as developed for the Lumenate app, are a testament to the continuing influence of John Lennon’s music and its capacity to inspire innovation even decades after its creation. This endeavor not only celebrates Lennon’s visionary artistry but also offers a practical tool for mental wellness, wrapped in the profound and timeless messages embedded within his music.