Joe Walsh Talks About How Drugs Nearly Killed Him

Joe Walsh Talks About How Drugs Nearly Killed Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via James DeWeaver / Youtube

Being a rockstar— drugs, booze, and girls are all part of life. While some were unfortunate to end their life without getting out of the process, others, like ex-eagles Joe Walsh, knew that it’s time for him to get out before the last stop arrives.

Singer-songwriter Joe Walsh once again opened up his alcohol and drug problems in a video clip from YouTube, courtesy of James DeWeaver’s channel. The video mostly talked about how Walsh went further and further away from reality: dealing with his cocaine addiction and his alcohol-induced body.

The drugs briefly worked to which Joe had chased the feeling, and he chased it for years, leaping with how much cocaine he snort every day.

“Could Hemingway have written like that if he was sober, or could Hendrix have played like that if he didn’t experiment with hallucinogenic? Well, probably not.” Walsh began to reflect as his interview progresses. For him, the things that resulted in the death of these renowned people didn’t stick to him, until he realized that he was in the bad shape of his life.

Footages of a disrupted Walsh can also be seen, more likely to prove to everyone how devastating his life was while still on drugs and alcohol phase. He had friends who were enablers, and he was surrounded by toxic people who weren’t good enough for him.

He knew he had hit bottom and the realization of death flooded him, and he began to change.