Joe Satriani Remembers Playing Small Bars With Mick Jagger

Joe Satriani Remembers Playing Small Bars With Mick Jagger | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Joe Satriani / Youtube

Joe Satriani once recalled an unforgettable moment of Mick Jagger performing at dive bars in the midst of his solo tour in 1988.

Speaking with Matt Wardlaw from Ultimate Classic Rock, the guitarist remembered during the days as a recruited guitarist for Jagger’s tour, the Rolling Stones frontman would love to spend time performing unannounced to an intimate setting, saying that the singer “loved doing that.”

“It seemed like once a month we would find a bar somewhere and we would make a deal with the local band that we would just walk in and take over their gear,” Satriani recalled.  “And if we needed to bring an extra guitar, we would. But pretty much we plugged into whatever they had.”

For Satriani, such trait of Jagger is fun to watch. They would often play blues and rock & roll favorites since it’s the singer’s specialty. While the whole thing was crazy for him, he applauded Mick’s personality who loved to interact with people, no matter how big or how small the stage and the set are for him.

“He loved it, he just loved being with people, he loved performing, and to just stand next to him while he exuded this positive rock and roll energy was just, oh man it was worthy every second. It was just amazing,” he added.