Joe Satriani Is Getting A Special Amplifier Replicating Eddie Van Halen’s Sound

Joe Satriani Is Getting A Special Amplifier Replicating Eddie Van Halen’s Sound | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Renowned guitarist Joe Satriani is gearing up for a special summer tour in 2024, where he will step into the shoes of the legendary Eddie Van Halen. In a recent interview with Australian Musician, Satriani shared his plans to acquire a unique amplifier to faithfully replicate Eddie’s iconic guitar sound.

The upcoming tour, featuring Satriani alongside vocalist Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, and drummer Jason Bonham, will focus on delivering electrifying performances of Van Halen’s timeless songs.x

Satriani’s commitment to authenticity led him to explore the nuances of Eddie Van Halen’s distinctive tones, ensuring a faithful rendition of the rock icon’s sound.

Reflecting on his experience during ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ Satriani discussed the challenges of adapting to lower tunings and heavier strings. He emphasized Eddie’s specific gear preferences, highlighting the need for precise adjustments to capture the desired sound accurately.

This is one of the guitars I used during ‘The Howard Stern Show.’ This guitar was set to D-standard, which is very low, and the strings 11. Those were my first two big mistakes. [Obviously] Because I couldn’t play 11 strings. And set it to D, I’m not used to it. Sammy and friends, they’ve been doing it for years, but it turns out to be foreign to me, so a lot of things don’t happen.”

Satriani acknowledged Eddie Van Halen’s genius and unique approach to his equipment settings. He delved into the importance of proper gear configurations, explaining that Eddie’s specific settings were crucial for achieving the harmonics and nuances present in his iconic performances.


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The guitarist recounted insights gained from ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Emphasizing the significance of accurate equipment settings to reproduce Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar sound. Satriani expressed admiration for Eddie’s mastery of his gear and noted that specific settings were essential for delivering the desired harmonics.

“Every time I talk about Eddie, I finish it by saying ‘in addition to the fact that he’s a genius.’ You have to always add that because he’s amazing – the point. Because every time he takes the guitar, no matter what it is, it’s amazing. He has hands and heart, everything. I just catch up.”

In preparation for a potential Eddie tribute tour, Satriani experimented with Eddie Van Halen’s amplifiers, gaining an understanding of their capabilities. He expressed a desire to capture not only the harmonics but also the full-bodied and dynamic qualities of Eddie’s guitar sound.

Collaborating with Dylana Scott on Power Amplifier 3rd, Satriani aims to create an amplifier that embodies the favored sound of Eddie Van Halen during the 1986 period.

This endeavor showcases Satriani’s dedication to authentically reproducing the iconic tones associated with one of rock music’s legendary guitarists.

“He doesn’t play with the equipment I use or Steve Vai or Slash or Tom Morello or the rest of his people. He actually has very specific settings. And you ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Well, that’s because, apart from being a genius, as we know, he knows that in order for him to play those roles, his equipment must be adjusted in a certain way; otherwise it won’t work.”

Satriani’s journey to emulate Eddie Van Halen’s sound reflects a deep appreciation for the artistry and innovation embedded in the rock icon’s musical legacy. Fans can anticipate an authentic and electrifying tribute as Satriani, alongside fellow musicians, pays homage to Eddie Van Halen’s unparalleled contributions to the world of rock.

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