Jimmy Page’s Favorite Jeff Beck Guitar Solo Revealed

Jimmy Page’s Favorite Jeff Beck Guitar Solo Revealed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimmy Page for Fender guitars - Fender / Youtube

The streets in London were once filled with legendary musicians that shaped the music that we know today. In addition to becoming prominent rock musicians and renowned guitar masters, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck were both born in London; their chance encounter as youngsters was undoubtedly no accident. Back then, Jeff’s sister entered his room after a hard day at school and told her brother, “There’s another weirdo like you who plays with his guitar all day.” The rest is history.

Both Beck and Page became musicians under the legendary group, The Yardbirds, which at one point also featured the guitar savant Eric Clapton. Their subsequent careers were undeniably similar; after leaving the Yardbirds, they would start their own bands, collaborate with other legends, and etch their names in gold letters into the rock hall of fame. Without a doubt, they both valued one another’s contributions, and Page once gave Beck credit for his all-time favorite guitar solo.

The guitarist remembered their early days and how the guitarist’s solos in the Yardbirds had convinced him that Jeff had potential in an interview for Jeff’s documentary, Still on the Run: The Jeff Beck Story. “Jeff would come round, and he’d play me the sort of first cuts of the records,” Page explained. “And I remember him playing ‘Shapes Of Things’ and when it came to the solo, I thought, ‘This is a most extraordinary solo.’”

Page added: “The work that Jeff did in the Yardbirds was of paramount importance to guitar-based groups because he had an incredible ear and he set an amazing standard and also that his technique was extraordinary as well and I must say when I heard that I really understood what Jeff was really capable of.”

Beck and Page’s legacy truly stood the test of time and we’re lucky that the two have met and created a bond worthy of recognition.