Jethro Tull’s Real Life Connection To AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Is So Good It’s Almost Scary

Jethro Tull’s Real Life Connection To AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Is So Good It’s Almost Scary | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Inside Ian Anderson’s Scary Good Connection To Hit AMC Show

Let me guess.

You read the headline and saw the thumbnail, wondering how in the hell Jethro Tull and AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead are in any way related.

Don’t feel bad – we’d have done the exact same thing. Except for the part where it’s absolutely true, and it’s so awesome it’s almost scary; trust us, you’re going to want to invite yourself over for Anderson family dinners by the time you’re through reading this.

Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson isn’t just one of the most legendary figures in classic rock – he’s a talented multi-instrumentalist, animal enthusiast and a serious fan of Indian cuisine.

He’s also father-in-law to The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln.

Posted by The Walking Dead on Friday, September 30, 2016

That’s right: AMC’s beloved zombie (and beard) slaying hero of the apocalypse is married to Ian’s daughter Gael, which has got to make for some pretty awesome family gatherings.

Born Andrew James Clutterbuck, the 44-year-old actor has been blissfully married to Gael Anderson since 2006.

As Andrew told Rolling Stone in 2013, their meeting was something you’d see in a 90’s romcom:

“I was directing two episodes of a TV show called Teachers. She was a P.A. and was supposed to make a cup of tea. That was her job. She didn’t make me a f—— cup of tea that whole job. But I just saw her silhouette – she had this crazy mullet with spiky hair – she looked like Sonic the Hedgehog.

I saw this crazy looking girl with these beautiful green eyes and I just went, “Who the hell is that?” I was spellbound.”

From there, it was love. But Andrew didn’t make the connection between Gael and her rock legend dad right away.

“I didn’t know who Jethro Tull was,” Lincoln admitted to Rolling Stone. “Then one weekend, she said, “Come back to my parents’ place.” That’s when I realized he was a rock star. He’s an amazing guy.”

Pretty cool, huh? As far as in-laws go, having Ian Anderson as your father-in-law isn’t exactly a bad deal!

Sadly, this is Andrew Lincoln’s last season playing Rick Grimes; we don’t know what his next project will be, but something tells us that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him. Here’s hoping that his exit from The Walking Dead will allow him some much needed down time with Gael, their two children, and yes – his in laws!