Jerry Garcia Shares His Theory About Deadheads

Jerry Garcia Shares His Theory About Deadheads | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Jerry Garcia, the iconic guitarist of the Grateful Dead, was well aware of the passionate following they had garnered over the years. Since the band’s formation in 1965, Garcia had become a larger-than-life figure in the American rock scene, and fans, known as “Deadheads” or “Dead Freaks” in the early days, began to view him as more than just a musician.

In the 1980s, the Grateful Dead went through a transition. While many considered them a relic of the 1960s, the band actually saw their fanbase grow even more devoted. Deadheads started following the band on tour, traveling across the United States to attend as many Grateful Dead shows as possible. In an interview with Relix, Garcia acknowledged the significance of this dedicated fan community, saying, “Well, it’s obviously very important to them. And more than that, it’s giving them an adventure… That’s giving them a whole common group of experiences which they can talk about.”

Despite the attention focused on him, Garcia believed that the audience knew him better than he knew himself. He expressed gratitude for the fans’ deep understanding of the band and their ability to connect with the Grateful Dead’s music and consciousness. Garcia remarked, “When they speak to what they conceive of as the Grateful Dead consciousness, they’re usually not wrong.”

Regarding the level of devotion, Garcia admitted that one could be too devoted to the Grateful Dead, including himself. “Our commitment to the idea is as deep as the most crazed Deadheads,” the musician concluded. “So, I don’t feel as though we’re burning anybody on that level. We continue to do what we’re doing.”