Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson First Solo Release “Afterglow of Ragnarok”

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson First Solo Release “Afterglow of Ragnarok” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Bruce Dickinson / Youtube

Iron Maiden’s iconic frontman, Bruce Dickinson, is back in the spotlight with his latest solo endeavor, “Afterglow of Ragnarok,” the inaugural single from his first solo album in over a decade – The Mandrake Project.

Teaming up with his long-time songwriting companion, Roy Z, Dickinson delivers a sonic journey that captures the essence of his storied career.

The track, characterized by a robust, energetic riff and Dickinson’s enduring vocal prowess, is a testament to the singer’s unwavering commitment to crafting timeless music.

In a recent statement, Dickinson shared his perspective on The Mandrake Project, emphasizing that it transcends the boundaries of a mere album. Accompanied by a graphic novel series slated for release next year, the project promises a multi-dimensional experience. “Afterglow of Ragnarok” becomes more than just a song; it becomes a narrative piece that demands appreciation within the broader context of the upcoming graphic novel series. Fans can secure their copy of the single by pre-ordering it [here].

The music video for “Afterglow of Ragnarok” complements the song’s episodic feel, featuring moody, mystical passages that dance with Roy Z’s dynamic riffs. It’s a visual and auditory treat that offers a glimpse into the artistic collaboration between Dickinson and Roy Z.

Looking ahead, 2024 appears to be a bustling year for the 65-year-old Dickinson, as he juggles his solo pursuits alongside commitments to Iron Maiden.

The singer, backed by a stellar band, is set to embark on a global tour, headlining major festivals and captivating audiences with his charismatic stage presence.

Notably, Iron Maiden enthusiasts in North America can rejoice as the band’s highly anticipated “The Future Past” tour is slated for next fall. The tour, which kicked off in Europe earlier this year, promises an electrifying experience as Iron Maiden celebrates their enduring legacy.

As Dickinson delves into his solo venture with The Mandrake Project, Iron Maiden fans can also anticipate a treat of their own.

The band is set to release a graphic novel, “Piece of Mind,” commemorating their 40th anniversary. Produced in collaboration with Z2, the novel even features a chapter written by Dickinson himself, providing an intimate glimpse into the band’s remarkable journey.

Bruce Dickinson’s “Afterglow of Ragnarok” marks a triumphant return for the legendary singer, setting the stage for a year filled with musical and artistic milestones. Whether experiencing it as a standalone single or immersing oneself in The Mandrake Project’s broader universe, fans are in for an unforgettable ride with Bruce Dickinson in the driver’s seat of his solo marvel.