Howard Stern Recounts Disturbing Steven Tyler Story

Howard Stern Recounts Disturbing Steven Tyler Story | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Howard Stern in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Youtube

Renowned American radio and TV personality Howard Stern has recently just released his book, Howard Stern Comes Again. The write-up features multiple interviews with his guests, but the most notable is an account with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and his close calls with death. Read the insightful exchange between the radio host and the vocalist below.

Howard: Did you ever almost die? Did you have one of those near-death experiences?

Steven: Three or four times.

Howard: Really? They had to resuscitate you, or—

Steven: No, my friends put me in a tub in cold water.

Howard: Because you’d stopped breathing?

Steven: Yeah, and turned blue.

Howard: You think that would have scared the shit out of you. It doesn’t.

Steven: No, man, it doesn’t. Life is too good. You just keep snorting and drinking and taking pills and never knew it was too much. But you know what? Thank you, Lord Jesus, for me not dying.

Howard: Do you believe in God?

Steven: Yes.

Howard: You’re a religious guy?

Steven: Yes.

Howard: You think you go to heaven when you die? Do you think about any of that?

Steven: Well, you got to think about this. If you’re on a table—they’ve done this thousands of times now—and you’re getting ready to die: the second you die, you can see the weight go down. It’s tangible.

Howard: You think that’s your soul going somewhere?

Steven: It’s your soul going somewhere, and we’re electricity, and it goes somewhere. All that you are goes somewhere.

It seems like Steven Tyler has accepted the mortality of his being, and after multiple dances with death, the iconic frontman has likened the phenomenon to be as natural as breathing. For more interview excerpts and accounts like this, get your very own copy of Howard Stern Comes Again here!