How Ringo Starr Got Another “Career” Because Of A Classic Beatles Album

How Ringo Starr Got Another “Career” Because Of A Classic Beatles Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Ringo Starr, known for his occasional lead vocals in The Beatles, made a lasting impact with his performance of “Yellow Submarine.” Though originally intended as a children’s song, it became an iconic track for the band, leading to Starr’s post-Beatles success. Reflecting on the song’s popularity, Starr remarked, “That song’s given me a career.”

“Yellow Submarine” made its debut on the 1966 album Revolver. While not as introspective as some of the band’s other songs, its infectious chorus and memorable lyrics catapulted it to fame. Although written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, it was Starr who delivered the vocal performance, adding his own charm to the track.

In a 1999 interview discussing the release of the Yellow Submarine movie, McCartney mentioned that Starr continues to perform the song to this day. McCartney chuckled as he described how Starr engages the audience by asking, “Where do we live?” to which they respond with gusto, “In a Yellow Submarine.” This interaction has become a beloved part of Starr’s concerts, showcasing his connection with fans.

McCartney’s decision to assign “Yellow Submarine” to Starr was deliberate. He aimed to create a song specifically targeting children and recognized Starr’s natural affinity for young audiences. Giving Starr one song to sing on each album became a tradition, and “Yellow Submarine” perfectly suited his talents.

Starr himself acknowledges the significance of the song, stating, “That song’s given me a career.” The universal appeal of “Yellow Submarine” ensures that it resonates with audiences of all ages. Starr humorously adds, “Even fetuses know that song,” highlighting its enduring popularity and recognizability.

Through his spirited rendition of “Yellow Submarine,” Ringo Starr made a lasting impact both during and after his time with The Beatles. The song’s success not only solidified his place in the band’s legacy but also became a cornerstone of his solo career. Starr’s infectious enthusiasm and connection with fans continue to shine through as he performs this iconic track, ensuring its legacy lives on. (Tramadol)