How Paul McCartney And Wings Made The Country Top Charts

How Paul McCartney And Wings Made The Country Top Charts | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Gissela Pereyra / YouTube

Paul McCartney’s songs are legendary, ranging from love songs to cold, hard classic hits. But there’s one thing he had yet to achieve on his tenure inside his band Wings, and that was to break through the US country charts game.

While he had always been fascinated by the genre itself, it would take time for McCartney to release something with that pureblood country blues. Fortunately, on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Linda, several other Wings members, and studio owner and music publisher Buddy Killen, the urge of his to create a song with the wondrous experience he had felt had livened up.

“Buddy Killen took us out to Printer’s Alley, a little club district,” McCartney recalled. Several minutes later, he and Linda wrote “Sally G.,” which also mentions the alley’s name in its lyrics: “The night life took me down to Printer’s Alley, where Sally sang a song behind a bar.”

After recording, producers loved the song so much that they took a shot at releasing it to country radios. Afterwhile, it received an overwhelming amount of airplay, solidifying its position to country charts at no. 51.

You can listen to the song below.