How Brian Wilson Created The Harmony For ‘Don’t Talk’ By Beach Boys

How Brian Wilson Created The Harmony For ‘Don’t Talk’ By Beach Boys | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian Wilson - VHS PILE / Youtube

Brian Wilson of Beach Boys is responsible for some of the group’s most intricate and complicated vocal arrangements, which feature a wide range of harmonic singing. Throughout Beach Boys’ heydays, he remains constant in his passion for work, amid the struggles he had with drugs and personal issues.

This fascinating audio clip shows Wilson laying down vocal overdubs for “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)” by The Beach Boys for their 1966 Pet Sounds album. The audio tracks Brian as he records several takes of vocal performance, stacking harmonies until he has a harmonic voice pad made up of eight different performances. Wilson co-wrote the song with lyricist Tony Asher, and its beautiful refrain is a plea for peace and quiet so that the singer may hear his beloved’s heart beating, and enjoy the moment they’ll cherish forever.

Like some other Beach Boys’ songs, Wilson is the only one who performed solely for this track; he’d been busy producing the band’s songs ever since he quit performing live with them. That doesn’t mean he can’t give his 100%; in fact, he flourished better working behind the scenes than performing with his group live.

Listen to the song below.