Hollywood Actor Reveals His “Sexual” Encounter With Freddie Mercury

Hollywood Actor Reveals His “Sexual” Encounter With Freddie Mercury | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Freddie Mercury and Queen live in Budapest, 1986 - Queen Official / Youtube

Actor John Glover, who plays Lex Luthor’s father, Lionel, and who’s also had a part in the new Shazam movie, reveals a shocking story on his Smallville co-actor’s podcast. Glover joined Michael Rosenbaum‘s Inside Of You podcast recently, claiming to have had sex with the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

John Glover claims to have had intimate contact with Mercury during a London encounter. Taken unawares, Michael Rosenbaum confirmed the answer multiple times. Read the conversation below, courtesy of Alternative Nation.

Michael Rosenbaum: “I always played 80’s music, and you said: ‘Michael, what is this?’”

John Glover: “You’re as cold as ice.”

MR: “You’re willing to sacrifice your love.’ And I said this is Hall and Oates John.”

JG: “Oh!”

MR: “You looked at me.”

JG: “I know, I know. I had one of them.”

MR: “You said, ‘I think I f**ked the small one in the 70’s.Was that true?”

JG: “I think I did.”

MR: “You think you did?”

JG: “Yeah, and the other guy.”

MR: “Daryl Hall wasn’t gay. John Oates?”

JG: “No, no, he’s an English guy. Freddie.”

MR:“Freddie Mercury?”

JG: “Yeah, yeah.”

MR: “You had sex with Freddie Mercury?”

JG: “Yeah, yeah.”

MR: “No!”

JG: “In London.”

MR: “You had sex with Frederick Mercury?”

JG: “Don’t yell, people can hear you.”

MR: “This is phenomenal.”