Heart Plays “Stairway to Heaven” – Leaves Everyone Speechless

Heart Plays “Stairway to Heaven” – Leaves Everyone Speechless | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Kennedy Center YouTube

Match Made in Musical Heaven

We don’t know which is better – Heart slaying with this performance or emotional Led Zeppelin being moved to tears. We think it’s both. “Stairway to Heaven” isn’t exactly the easiest song the cover – just ask anyone. But apart from the original, this is perhaps one of our favorite versions ever. Ann and Nancy Wilson just blew everyone away!

“It turned out really cool. Afterward there was a dinner, and the Zeppelin guys came up to us individually to say how much they liked the performance. Robert [Plant] told us, “I’ve grown to hate that song so much because people just murder it all the time.” And it’s like, “What?” But then he said, “But you guys did a great job with it.”” – Nancy Wilson on their stunning performance

Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page aren’t easy to impress so the fact that they commended Heart for a job well done, that says a lot.