Hear Bob Dylan Perform With Jimmie Vaughan At Tour

Hear Bob Dylan Perform With Jimmie Vaughan At Tour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Dylan live in 2006 - Reinoud Slagter / Youtube

Bob Dylan recently concluded his “Rough and Rowdy Ways” tour with a memorable performance in Austin, Texas. The highlight of the evening was when Jimmie Vaughan, a renowned guitarist, joined Dylan on stage. This surprise guest replaced Doug Lancio for a brief segment, adding a unique touch to the show.

Jimmie Vaughan Joins Dylan on Stage

Dylan introduced Vaughan before they dived into “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight.” Vaughan’s guitar skills were then showcased in three additional songs: “My Own Version of You,” “Crossing the Rubicon,” and “To Be Alone With You.” After these tracks, Lancio reclaimed his role for the remainder of the concert.

Vaughan isn’t new to playing alongside Dylan. In fact, he has a history with Dylan that dates back to 1990. Vaughan and his brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, another legendary guitarist, were invited to contribute to Dylan’s album “Under the Red Sky.” Sadly, this collaboration occurred shortly before Stevie Ray’s tragic death in a helicopter accident.

Recalling the recording session, Jimmie Vaughan shared, “Well, [Dylan] called and asked for Stevie and I to come play together, the way I remember it. So we went out to L.A. and spent an afternoon in the studio with him. And he wouldn’t tell us what song it was, he would just start playing the piano and singing a song, and the bass player and the drummer were there, and we would just sort of jam it out for a minute and then record it like five minutes or something. It was very casual. Very quick. And not too much instruction. ‘What would you do here?’ he said. [Laughs].”

This anecdote captures the spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere that Dylan prefers during his recording sessions. It highlights Dylan’s trust in the creativity and skill of the musicians he collaborates with, allowing them the freedom to interpret and contribute to his music in their unique way.

Touring Plans

As for Dylan’s next steps, he won’t be continuing with the “Rough and Rowdy Ways” concerts. Instead, he plans to hit the road again in June, joining Willie Nelson on the “Outlaw Festival” tour. This new venture promises more exciting performances from Dylan, potentially with more surprise guests like Vaughan.

Dylan’s decision to bring Vaughan on stage for the tour closer in Austin underscores the mutual respect and admiration between the two seasoned musicians. It also serves as a testament to Dylan’s commitment to delivering unique and memorable experiences for his audience. By weaving Vaughan’s distinct guitar style into his performance, Dylan not only honored a long-standing camaraderie but also offered fans an exceptional blend of talents.

As Dylan prepares for the next chapter of his live performances, fans can anticipate more instances of musical camaraderie and unexpected collaborations. Dylan’s career has always been characterized by his willingness to explore and evolve, and the inclusion of Vaughan in his Austin show is just another example of his innovative spirit in action.