George Harrison Once Revealed It Was ‘Ironic’ That He Liked Working With Jeff Lynne

George Harrison Once Revealed It Was ‘Ironic’ That He Liked Working With Jeff Lynne | I Love Classic Rock Videos

George Harrison at the Dick Cavett show, 1971 - GeorgeHarrisonTV / Youtube

George Harrison of The Beatles and Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra would probably be the last two people to guess that their identical interests would eventually blossom into an unlikely friendship. Truly so, even Harrison labeled their relationship as “ironic,” as he said it in a 1987 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Way before ELO happened, Lynne was already exposed to the magical world of Beatles music, as he and his former band were fortunate to have witnessed the Fab Four during their White album sessions. Years later, fate would turn to Lynne’s luck once again, when Harrison personally requested him to produce the latter’s Cloud Nine album.

Inside the interview, ET pointed out during ELO’s hype in the 70s, Harrison was said to have mentioned that the band “sounded like the Beatles” in a dismissive manner. Harrison then explained the reason why.

“That’s one of the reasons why I tried to get Jeff Lynne because he knew about… Okay, most people knew about the Beatles, but he really knew about ‘em,” he said. “And I was looking to work with somebody who would know my past and not disregard that, but who I would also respect, as a writer and producer. But it is a bit ironic, I know.”

Harrison also admitted to being sensitive during the 70s, especially on the lawsuit with his song “My Sweet Lord” to “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons. “Every song I listened to on the radio sounded like other stuff, and yet I had to go through that hassle.”