Gene Simmons Has Offered An Apology To Fox News For His Rude Antics…

Gene Simmons Has Offered An Apology To Fox News For His Rude Antics… | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Gene Simmons Responds To Being Banned From Fox News

Just a few days ago, it was reported that legendary rocker Gene Simmons had been banned for life from Fox News. The reason for this was because of inappropriate behavior such as bursting into a staff meeting yelling “Hey chicks, sue me!” while ripping open his shirt to reveal his torso. He also apparently made jokes about Michael Jackson and pedophilia, as well as tapping employees on the head with his new book.

Many have said that this type of inappropriate behavior was more or less to be expected from Gene; given his unapologetic approach towards most things. However, this instance seems to be that one rare exception. Gene Simmons recently spoke with The Daily Beast to offer an apology to Fox News for his behavior. Here is the full apology.

“I have appeared frequently over the years on various Fox News and Fox Business programs and have a tremendous amount of respect for the talented women and men who work there. While I believe that what is being reported is highly exaggerated and misleading, I am sincerely sorry that I unintentionally offended members of the Fox team during my visit.”

As of right now, Fox News has not responded to this apology, so it is unknown if it will somehow change Fox’s mind on whether Gene will be allowed back for interviews etc. Only time will tell at this point. We just hope that both sides can smooth this over in swift time.