Gene Simmons Explains $300m KISS Sale Wasn’t About Money

Gene Simmons Explains $300m KISS Sale Wasn’t About Money | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Gene Simmons, the legendary bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, recently shared insights into the band’s decision to sell their iconic name, logo, makeup rights, and a portion of their music catalog. The transaction, valued by some at $300 million, wasn’t actively sought out by the band, Simmons insists. Pophouse Entertainment, the buyer, aims to launch an innovative avatar show reminiscent of their work on ABBA Voyage.

A New Partnership and Perspective

In a conversation with People, Simmons expressed that partnering with the Swedish company Pophouse Entertainment felt like a “natural thing.” This connection was not just about business; it was built on genuine interaction. “We broke bread with Pophouse, talked about our families, and we got to be friends,” Simmons reflected.

Simmons views the upcoming final KISS show in December 2023 not as an end, but as a transition to a new chapter for KISS. He believes in evolution over extinction, suggesting, “The beginning of [new] KISS is going to be something that will blow your socks off, like nothing you’ve ever seen.” This philosophy emphasizes the importance of reinvention and adaptation.

When questioned about the financial aspects of the deal, Simmons was quick to clarify, “That’s not what it’s about. It’s about enjoying life… I’m certainly blessed.” This statement reveals a deeper perspective, highlighting the value of life experiences over material wealth. “Life happens while you’re busy making important plans,” he added, further illustrating his outlook on the unpredictability of life and the importance of embracing it.


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Looking Beyond KISS

As KISS prepares to take a final bow, Simmons is already redirecting his focus towards new ventures and passions. Among these is touring with the Gene Simmons Band and further developing Rock & Brews, the restaurant chain he co-founded with KISS bandmate Paul Stanley.

Simmons takes pride in the success of Rock & Brews. He describes it as an “experience from the time you walk in,” emphasizing the importance of quality and the joy of sharing good things with friends. “It’s a proud achievement,” Simmons stated. “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Through these words and actions, Simmons showcases a multifaceted outlook on life, career, and the principles that guide him. As KISS transitions into its next phase and Simmons explores new horizons, their legacy continues to evolve, grounded in the belief of moving forward and cherishing life’s journey.

The story of KISS’s rights sale is more than a business transaction. It’s about legacy, evolution, and the enduring bonds formed along the way. As Simmons and the band venture into uncharted territories, their spirit of innovation and adaptability remains a guiding light, proving that some things, indeed, are not just about the money.