Geddy Lee Reveals His Pick For Favorite Rush Song Live

Geddy Lee Reveals His Pick For Favorite Rush Song Live | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rush performs Tom Sawyer Live – Ye Olde Rock/ YouTube

Prior to the arrival of Neil Peart, Rush had only released their self-titled first album in 1974, which was met with critical and economic disaster. But Geddy Lee, Rush’s bassist, has said that one song on the album is his favorite to play live.

The seven-minute epic in question is “Working Man,” the album closer by the band’s debut album. Although the LP doesn’t stack up to their later works, “Working Man” still stands up there with anything the band has ever produced. In 2018, while interviewed by The Guardian, Lee disclosed his admiration of the song: “It was my favorite song to play every night, and that’s why I wanted to include the live version.”

The song was an underground sensation but was eventually played on American radio, helping to launch the band’s career stateside. After being absent from Rush’s concerts for over two decades during the 1980s and ‘90s, the group reintroduced the song in 2002, and it remained in their set lists until their final performance in 2015. Over the course of their career, Rush performed “Working Man” more than 900 times.

Peart died of a brain cancer illness, truly marking the end of Rush and their decades-long career. Since the drummer’s death, Geddy Lee has reunited with guitarist Alex Lifeson onstage, but the band isn’t complete without all three members.