Geddy Lee Pays Tribute To Ginger Baker

Geddy Lee Pays Tribute To Ginger Baker | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Geddy Lee being interviewed - 660 NEWS / Youtube

Rush frontman and bassist Geddy Lee has paid tribute to the “incredible legacy” left by Cream’s former drummer, the late Ginger Baker. Baker died on the 6th of October, after being rushed to the hospital in late September.

In the midst of the world mourning the loss of Baker, Geddy Lee wrote his own message. “As a young musician few drummers stood taller or were a bigger musical influence than Ginger Baker. I will never forget the awesomeness of seeing him perform with Cream at Massey Hall on June 5, 1968, alongside the late great Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton,” he said. “He was one of rock’s first virtuoso drummers and his incredible legacy lives on. Sincere condolences to Ginger’s family, friends and fans.”

The Twitter account of Rush also quoted Neil Peart, “He was really at the forefront of a complete revolution of rock. It is hard to find fault with the notion he was the pioneer of a rock drummer. There was no context for him, there was no archetype,” Peart said. “Ginger Baker’s most notable achievement that should be recognised is the first rock drum solo. And me as a 15 year old kid at the time was, ‘Yeah, yeah – that’s the rock drummer I want to be!’”

Detail’s about Baker’s death have still yet to be disclosed.